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Oakwood Chemical is revamping our trusty Periodic Table with a
touch of brain teaser, twisted pop-culture-historical references,
wickedly fun illustrations... And putting them on magnets.

Now you can build your own #MyOakwoodChemical
Periodic Table! Collect them all before they Ar18!

And be sure to follow our Pb82 on Instagram
@OakwoodChemical to see what we're up to next...

Set 1-10 Magnets

Hydrogen Magnet Helium Magnet Lithium Magnet Beryllium Magnet Boron Magnet Carbon Magnet Nitrogen Magnet Oxygen Magnet Fluorine Magnet Neon Magnet Image Map

Set 11-20 Magnets

Sodium Magnet Magnesium Magnet Aluminum Magnet Silicon Magnet Phosphorus Magnet Sulfur Magnet Chlorine Magnet Argon Magnet Potassium Magnet Calcium Magnet Image Map1

Set 21-30 Magnets

Scandium Magnet Titanium Magnet Vanadium Magnet Chromium Magnet Manganese Magnet Iron Magnet Cobalt Magnet Nickel Magnet Copper Magnet Zinc Magnet Image Map2

Set 31-40 Magnets

Gallium Magnet Germanium Magnet Arsenic Magnet Selenium Magnet Bromine Magnet Krypton Magnet Rubidium Magnet Strontium Magnet Yttrium Magnet Zirconium Magnet Image Map3

Set 41-50 Magnets

Niobium Magnet Molybdenum Magnet Technetium Magnet Ruthenium Magnet Rhodium Magnet Palladium Magnet Silver Magnet Cadmium Magnet Indium Magnet Tin Magnet Image Map4

Set 51-60 Magnets

Antimony Magnet Tellurium Magnet Iodine Magnet Xenon Magnet Cesium Magnet Barium Magnet Lanthanum Magnet Cerium Magnet Praseodymium Magnet Neodymium Magnet Image Map5

Set 61-70 Magnets

Promethium Magnet Samarium Magnet Europium Magnet Gadolinium Magnet Terbium Magnet Dysprosium Magnet Holmium Magnet Erbium Magnet Thulium Magnet Yyterbium Magnet Image Map6

Set 71-80 Magnets

Lutetium Magnet Hafnium Magnet Tantalum Magnet Tungsten Magnet Rhenium Magnet Osmium Magnet Iridium Magnet Platinum Magnet Gold Magnet Mercury Magnet Image Map7

Set 81-90 Magnets

Thallium Magnet Lead Magnet Bismuth Magnet Polonium Magnet Astatine Magnet Radon Magnet Francium Magnet Radium Magnet Actinium Magnet Thorium Magnet Image Map8

Set 91-100 Magnets

Protactinium Magnet Uranium Magnet Neptunium Magnet Plutonium Magnet Americium Magnet Curium Magnet Berkelium Magnet Californium Magnet Einsteinium Magnet Fermium Magnet Image Map9

Set 101-110 Magnets

Mendelevium Magnet Nobelium Magnet Lawrencium Magnet Rutherfordium Magnet Dubnium Magnet Seaborgium Magnet Bohrium Magnet Hassium Magnet Meitnerium Magnet Darmstadtium Magnet Image Map10

Set 111-118 Magnets

Roentgerium Magnet Copernicium Magnet Nihonium Magnet Tennessine Magnet Image Map11